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The Dover Wing

The Neal Senior Center is proud to offer the Dover Wing for your next event. Whether you are planning a wedding reception or class reunion, we have the space to accommodate. This 15,000 square foot facility holds up to 300 guests seated.

Floor Plan Of The Dover Wing

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Need Meeting Space?

We have got you covered. The Dover Wing can be separated into three rooms for conferences or other small gatherings.

Built In Projection Screen

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Three built in projection screens are located within the Dover Wing.

Wireless Internet

Wireless Internet is available throughout the Dover Wing.

Stage Available

Pa room
The Performing Arts Room
Located in the Performing Arts Room, our stage measures 23x8x2.

Full Kitchen and Serving Line

A full kitchen with a serving line is available upon request.

In order to use our kitchen, food served from our kitchen must be prepared by a caterer approved by the Council on Aging/Neal Senior Center. Please contact Linda Geter at 704.482.3388 for a list of approved caterers.

Courtyard, Gazebo, and Fountain

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Additional rental space.


The Neal Senior Center is capable of accommodating up to 100 vehicles. Handicap parking is available. Parking is available for buses or motorcoaches as well.

To Make Your Reservation, Contact:

Linda Geter
Building Rental Coordinator
100 T.R. Harris Drive
Shelby, NC 28150
Phone: 704.481.7384
E-Mail: lgeter@agingcouncil.org

Building Rental Rules & Policy

Council on Aging of Cleveland County/Neal Senior Center
100 T.R. Harris Drive
Shelby, N.C. 28150
(704) 482-3488
Building Rental Rules & Policy
Please share this information with caterers, musicians, and all other persons associated with your event.

The following guidelines are designed to protect the beauty of the center, and as a user, you and your guest agree to help keep the center beautiful by treating all areas, both indoors and outdoors, with respect. The center reserves the right to determine, on an individual basis, whether any particular event is the type that it deems appropriate to be held at our center.
The Neal Senior Center is available for your special event daily except for national Holidays. New Year’s Eve, and Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas and special socials. If you are interested in renting the center, contact our Rental Coordinator: Linda Geter at 704-481-7384 during our regular business hours 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM Monday – Thursday and 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM on Friday.
  • Damage Deposit:
A refundable damage deposit of $100.00 per room is required at the time the rental contract is signed. This deposit will be refunded in full within two weeks following the event if you, or your guests and vendors cause no damage or excessive cleanup. If damage should exceed the damage fee, you will be billed for the excess charges. In addition, you will lose the privilege to rent  the building in the future.  Please inform your caterer or other persons associated with your event that their actions can result in the loss of your damage deposit.
  • Payment Information
The signed contract and a non-refundable deposit are required to validate your contract and secure your function date. We accept Cash, Checks and Money Orders for deposits and payments. Your advance deposits will not be refunded to you if the event should cancel for any reason. The final amount owed, will be due 14 days prior to your event. At this time, your final attendance count will also be needed. FEE FOR RETURNED CHECKS IS $35.00.
  • Cancellation and Rental Fees:
If cancellation occurs of the agreement for any reason, the following cancellation penalty will apply:

91 days or more prior to the event date 25% of the expected total due to customer.
            90-61 days prior to event date 50% of the expected total due to customer.
            60 -31 days prior to event date 75% of the expected total due to customer.
            30-0 days prior to event date 100% of the expected total due to customer.

  •  Custodian:
A Senior Center staff person will be present to open, close and clean the building, and to insure that the designated official of the group is made aware of all the rules and regulations. The designated official must be 21 years or older.
  • Please note that the Council on Aging/Senior Center programs and activities take priority over desired rental dates.
  • For an extra fee, the Rental Party can rent the use of our kitchen. However, in order to use our kitchen, the rental must hire a licensed- certified caterer. Before a caterer is allowed to use our kitchen, a copy of his/her license and proof of insurance must be presented to us. It is the responsibility of the rental party to insure that we have this information on hand before the rental. Within two-three weeks after a rental is booked, the hired caterer must complete a brief Orientation Class with our Food Services Director. It is the responsibility of the Rental Party to insure the caterer has scheduled this class. To schedule an appointment, please call Linda Geter, Building Rental Coordinator at (704) 481-7384

  • The Rental Party and those persons hired to work an event, caterer, musicians, etc are expected to arrive and depart on time.  At the Council on Aging, we employ a Rental Associate to work each rental. Prior to an event, the Building Rental Coordinator will forward the Rental Party (person who signed the contract) the Rental Associate’s name and contact information.  The Rental Associate is to only be contacted the day of the event if necessary regarding a change in your arrival time, etc.  All other correspondence is to go through the Building Rental Coordinator prior to the event. The Rental Associate will be available to un-lock the building for Rental Party based on the arrival time that was given to the Building Rental Coordinator in the contract. The Rental Associate will only unlock the building once. It is the responsibility of the Rental Party (person who signed the contract) to make sure he/she arrives at the time given to the Building Rental Coordinator.  Once the Rental Associate has unlocked the building, he/she will stay with the building at the expense of the Rental Party, which is included in the charge of the rental. The Rental Associate will be available to lock the building after the rental. The Rental Associate will expect to lock the building up based on the departure time given to the Building Rental Coordinator. Each member of the Rental Party, guests and those hired to work rental MUST depart on time unless you have paid for additional hours or had prior approval from the Building Rental Coordinator. If additional hours are needed for a rental, a charge of $75.00 per hour will be added to the cost of the rental. Again, the Building Rental Coordinator must approve any additional hours needed for a rental. The Building Rental Coordinator must be aware of a Rental Group’s plans regarding additional hours needed no later than three weeks before the event. Before vacating the building, it is the responsibility of the Rental Party (person who signed the contract) to complete a walk through inspection of their rental location and kitchen (if used) with the Building Rental Associate. The Rental Party must sign the rental check list and correct anything the Building Rental Associate directs them to regarding the building. In consideration of our neighbors and cleaning staff, on the day of a rental, the Senior Center must be vacated no later than 12:00AM. This will include your caterer and DJ. FAILURE TO COMPLY WITH ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE TIMES OR LEAVING AFTER 12AM OR FAILURE TO TOUCH BASE WITH THE RENTAL ASSOCIATE BEFORE LEAVING WILL RESULT IN A LOSS OF THE RENTAL DEPOSIT.

If an event is scheduled at the Senior Center and that event is a Wedding/Wedding Reception, we ask that the Bride/Groom designate a person in the Rental Party to be responsible for the building and grounds other than themselves. We know that their day is special and we do not want them to have to worry about the rules and regulations for the day. The Building Rental Coordinator must be given a name and contact information for that person at the time the contract is signed. The designated official must be 21 years or older.

  • The Council on Aging understands that Rental Groups need time to decorate. Adequate time for decorating prior to a rental will be allowed. Availability will always be determine by the Senior Center calendar. Facilities may not be tied up more than two consecutive days. The Council on Aging allows the Rental Party three hours of free time on the day before the event to decorate (i.e... If the event is on a Saturday, we ask that you come in that Friday between the hours of 8AM - 12: 45 PM. Please be aware that on the day of a rental, the rental attendant is asked to unlock our building at the time specified by the rental party. If the rental party does not arrive at the time specified on the contract, a charge of $20.00 will be deducted from the security deposit. If the Rental Party needs more than three hours to decorate, a charge of $20.00 per hour will be added to the cost of the rental. The Building Rental Coordinator must be aware of the Rental Group’s plans for decorating no later than three weeks before the event.
  • WHEN DECORATING, NO TACKS, PINS, NAILS, CELLOPHANE TAPE OR GLUE SHOULD BE USED ON THE WALLS. The Rental Party is allowed to hang items from our ceiling. However, they must do so the day of the event. These items must be taken down on the same day of the event as well. The hanging of balloons, signs, ribbons, etc outside the Senior Center is fine, but these items must be taken down after the event. Candles are allowed in the building. However, all candles used inside the Senior Center must be on tables and enclosed in glass.
  • It is required that the Rental Party remove all of their decorations, items, and personal belongings after the event. In the event the Rental Party is using a Florist or Rental Company, it will be the Rental Group’s sole responsibility to arrange the pickup the same day of the event.WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY ITEMS THAT ARE DAMAGED OR STOLEN IF LEFT PRIOR OR AFTER EVENT.
  • The Rental Party must leave the facilities clean and in good order and will be responsible for any damaged, broken or missing equipment. The Rental Party is responsible for vendors, caterers, musicians and all other persons associated with the event. The Rental Party is responsible for the actions of those hired for the event. They must check behind persons hired to insure they have cleaned up as well. On the day of a rental, our facility is only available for a seven-hour period, which includes three hours of pre-prep three hours are party time and one hour of clean-up. The Rental Party must allow for an adequate amount of time for clean-up. The Rental Party is free to use two of our 55-gallon trash-cans for trash disposal. The Senior Center will provide two trash bags per can. If the Rental Party feels they will need more than four trash bags, they must purchase more themselves. The Rental Associate will make sure that all trash is taken to the trash receptacle outside behind the back dock. However, the rental party is responsible that all trash is placed in the trash cans. FAILURE TO COMPLY WITH THESE INSTRUCTIONS WILL RESULT IN LOSS OF THE RENTAL DEPOSIT.
  • Any Rental Party serving alcohol is required to pay a $100.00 fee to us, obtain an ABC Permit and Certificate of Liability Insurance. An ABC Permit and Certificate of Liability Insurance must be presented to us no later than three weeks prior to your rental date (15 business days). ABC Permits can be obtained through the Shelby City Police Department. Insurance can be purchased through www.theeventhelper.com or your personal home or auto insurance agency. ALCOHOL WILL ONLY BE ALLOWED TO BE SERVED BASED ON THESE TERMS. Additional information concerning these procedures are provided in a separate contract.
  • Absolutely, NO gambling or firearms are allowed inside or outside the Neal Senior Center. If the rental party or any of their guests are found to be gambling or to have a firearm on our property, the police will be notified and your party will be shut down immediately. No rental fees or rental deposit will be refunded back to the renter.
  • No smoking as of February 1, 2017 as our facility became a Smoke-free Campus.
  • During rentals, ALL Children must be supervised and monitored at ALL times.
  • Within two weeks of your rental date (14 business days); all fees must be paid in full. IF FEES ARE NOT PAID WITHIN TWO WEEKS OF YOUR RENTAL DATE, YOUR EVENT WILL BE CANCELLED RESULTING IN LOSS OF YOUR RENTAL DEPOSIT.
  • The Council on Aging offers audio visual screens at a charge of $25.00 per rental. We do not rent out our sound system. It is the responsibility of the Rental Party to hire audio equipment from another source.
  • Any group renting the Dover Wing area, which consists of the large space of all three rooms (VIP, PA and Community Dining), will have access to the PA Door entrance and the VIP Patio entrance at no extra charge. If a more formal entry is desired, the Rental Party is welcome to rent the front door entrance for an extra fee, which includes access to our front lobby at $150.00. Each room of the Dover Wing is available to be rented separately. If renting the VIP room, the only entrance available to the rental party will be the VIP/Patio entrance. Renting the PA Room will allow the Rental Party the use of the PA entrance. If the Rental Party is renting the Community Dining Room only, the Rental Party must use the 2nd set of doors located beside of the PA Room.
  •  We do offer a stage here at the Senior Center, but the stage is permanent and cannot be moved.
  • COA is not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged items.
  • Any Items left past 30 days becomes property of the Neal Senior Center.

Revised 07/20/2018